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$275.00 USD

This application requires a $25 non-refundable reading fee and a $250 tuition deposit. Deposits may be refunded if an applicant withdraws prior to acceptance, or if the applicant is not accepted into one of the workshops selected in the application. For withdrawal prior to acceptance, a withdrawal fee of $25 applies.

Tuition balances are payable upon acceptance. Acceptances will be emailed shortly after the December deadline. Once you pay in full, the workshop seat is reserved for you. All sales are final. Participant Tuition is $895.00, and Auditor Tuition is $495.00. Cost for the optional One-On-One Conference is $120.00. Tuition balances are due upon acceptance to a workshop.    

  • PARTICIPANTS: Tuition includes 16 hours of virtual workshop instruction and admission to all virtual festival events. Applicants may reserve an optional (one hour) one-on-one conference to be confirmed upon notification of acceptance.
  • AUDITORS: sit in on virtual workshops as observers and receive all handouts under discussion, but do not comment or share their own poems in workshop. Tuition includes admission to all virtual events, and observation of 16 hours of virtual workshop sessions. 

WORKSHOP PREFERENCES: List up to 4 workshops you will attend and pay for upon acceptance. After our reader selects qualified manuscripts, we use blind lotteries to fill the seats. About 90% of participants and auditors are placed in first or second choice workshop, but we cannot guarantee such placement.
INDIVIDUAL ONE-HOUR CONFERENCES: Workshop applicants may reserve a one-on-one conference to focus attention on up to 10 pages of poetry, with Lorna Knowles Blake, Sally Bliumis-Dunn,  Angela Narciso Torres, Nickole Brown, or Jessica Jacobs. Conference Appointments will be confirmed upon acceptance to a workshop, first-come-first served. Requests for conferences will be accepted until December 1st on a space-available basis. Manuscripts are due to faculty for review by December 10th. The cost is $120, payable upon confirmation. A great opportunity!
WITHDRAWAL & CANCELLATION POLICY: Your tuition deposit will be refunded if you withdraw your application prior to acceptance, or if you are not accepted into one of the workshops listed on your application. After you have paid your workshop tuition in full, should you cancel for any reason up until December 28, 2021, we will refund your tuition payment, only if we can, after exercising our best efforts, find a qualified replacement for you who agrees to pay your tuition in full, and subject to a $25 withdrawal fee. Should you cancel after December 28th, no tuition refund will be made. We realize emergencies do happen, and we will do our best to help you should cancellation become necessary.
PAYMENT POLICY: Tuition balance is payable upon acceptance. Accepted applicants will be notified after November 9th. Should tuition balance remain unpaid for forty-eight hours after acceptance, your seat will be awarded to another qualified applicant and your deposit will be forfeited. Once you pay in full, the workshop seat is reserved for you. All sales are final.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.